which should you choose - An ice cube machine or Cubiglace ice cubes?

Using Cubiglace ice cubes offers many advantages over an ice cube machine:

  • First of all from a hygiene point of view, a study has shown that ice cubes made using an ice cube machine were absolute breeding groups for bacteria at one café out of three. However, with Cubiglace ice cubes there’s no problem, as there’s no human intervention at any point in the manufacturing process - everything is automated, so you can be sure that the ice cubes delivered in our 5 kg packages are totally pure.
  1. Using Cubiglace ice cubes gives you total control over the production costs - you no longer have to worry about a machine breaking down or the amount of electricity or water you’re using. Remembering that a machine can use 65 litres to produce just 5 kg of ice cubes, that’s quite a saving.
  • The 5 kg package makes it very easy both to store in a normal freezer and to handle.
  1. How many ice cubes you get through depends on a number of factors - obviously people tend to use more of them in summer than in winter, but it only takes a short heatwave to set your sales rocketing and then your machine can’t cope. By working with Cubiglace you can be sure of getting deliveries at any time. We advise you to make sure you’ve got a buffer stock but then, once you’ve started on it, we’ll very quickly deliver fresh stocks, which means there are no nasty surprises.
  • For event organisers or caterers, we can deliver bags of ice cubes straight to the venue, and for major events, we can provide a refrigerated container in which the ice cubes can be stored.
  1. If you ask for immediate delivery, we’ll pass you on to one of our many points of sale who’ll be able to help you out.


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