Cubiglace offer three types of ice cube:

The traditional ice cube

These are perfect for cafés, restaurants, discothèques, caterers, sports clubs, camp sites, etc. and come in 5 kg bags each containing +/- 230 ice cubes.

For event organisers, we can deliver the bags of ice cubes to the venue and, if necessary,provide a refrigerated container.

Obviously the most unusual feature of Cubiglace ice cubes is the quality of the naturally pure water, although there’s also its full, truncated cone shape which helps to ensure that it doesn’t melt as quickly.


Crushed ice

Cubiglace crushed ice is produced by crushing non-calibrated traditional ice cubes - in other words, these are actually pieces of ice cubes rather than "snow". This manufacturing process is very popular with cocktail professionals because, for instance, when using a shaker, the various ingredients are mixed together much better.

Crushed ice is delivered in 5 kg bags.

Ice flakes

Ice flakes (ice sheets) are also made from naturally pure Cubiglace water, which means that they’re fit for human consumption. They’re available in 8 kg bags and are perfect for oyster sellers, butchers, bakers, caterers, fishmongers, etc. We can provide a refrigerated container for large events.


Ideal for cocktails, perfect to refresh your spirits ! The iceballs are crystal clear and ultra- slow melting for a minimum transfer, maximum sensations and original look .

The Iceballs are packaged in 2 kg bags packed by 5 in a box.

A 2kg bag contains +/- 45 iceballs of 4.5 cm diameter.