Although there can be little doubt that the expression “highest quality” is often something of a cliché, it’s true to say that Cubiglace’s products are exceptional in a number of ways:

  1. Firstly due to the quality of the water. The fact is that the water used is very pure and doesn’t require any additional treatment. There is absolutely no effect on the taste of the drink into which you put the ice cubes. Obviously the water used by Cubiglace is checked regularly in order to make sure that it’s drinkable.
  2. The ice cube production line – from the water supply right through to packaging – is totally automated and doesn’t require any human intervention. The product is extremely pure in terms of both hygiene and taste.
  3. The bags are heat-sealed and show all of the traceability information recommended by the AFSCA.
  4. One of the secrets jealously guarded by Cubiglace is the company’s ability to produce ice cubes of crystalline transparency which don’t stick together, so you no longer have to worry about blocks of ice cubes which it’s practically impossible to separate.